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I gotta share this great review! Yippee!

Ever read something that makes you tear up? I did—just now! A wonderful review of my Young Adult novel Until I’m Safe. This is the review done by Janelle Fila for Readers’ Favorite at


Book Review

Reviewed by Janelle Fila for Readers’ Favorite

Until I’m Safe by Jane Grace is a young adult story about a girl who finds herself lost in Hurricane Katrina. The story starts with Marguerite Aucoin at home in a volatile situation. Her father and mother are fighting and her father hasn’t been quite right in the head lately. When he pulls out a gun and threatens Marguerite, she does the only thing she can think of. She runs. But outside is Hurricane Katrina. Marguerite doesn’t know where to run to. She’s lost her hearing aids and is virtually deaf. When a stranger named Amand rescues her, Marguerite is grateful but also wary. She deceives Amand and lets him believe that she is Toots Gentry, the name of the fictional character that Marguerite writes about. But as Amand starts to fall in love with Marguerite, he begins to unravel some of the story that she is telling, threatening to separate the truth from the fiction.

This is a sweet, romantic story about a girl struggling to be brave. Marguerite wants to be everything that Toots is, so it should be no surprise to readers that she takes on Toots’ identity. I think readers will appreciate the setting of this story and the fact that it gives life to Hurricane Katrina. It is also refreshing to have a main character with a hearing disability, but not have the story be all about hearing loss. Very nicely delegated.


Why the Name Change?

At church Sunday morning I caught the eye of Bea—a lady who bought my Young Adult novel, Until I’m Safe. Even across the church as we rushed to hug each other, she mouthed “I loved it!” As the author I basked in the praise for my efforts to portray a hard-of-hearing young woman in the midst of not only a natural crisis—Hurricane Katrina—but a personal one as well.

Bea had two questions for me: When will you write a sequel?

I do plan to write a sequel but not just yet. I am preparing to write another YA novel in November in the national writing movement called National Novel Writing Month. (Check out http://JanieCarver2011.wordpress.com this week for more on that).

Her second question was: Why did you write this novel under a different name? (I wrote it under the pen name, Jane Grace.)

I explained that many authors use different names if they write for both adults and young adults. I write adult romance, mystery and sci-fi under the name Jane Carver, but write fiction for younger readers under the name Jane Grace. Authors don’t want younger readers aware of websites for older readers.

Bea thought it over and agreed that was an excellent reason. But as she left my side, she reminded me, “I can’t wait for that sequel!” What a delightful challenge!


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