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Written and Ready to Edit

I took part in an international writing activity in November. The goal was to write a novel of at least fifty thousand words from November 1 to the last day of the month. I not only started and finished my latest Young Adult novel in seventeen days but finished at sixty-two thousand words! YES! Granted I wrote myself dry…I spent the weeks since making two special quilts. Just finished the second one today.

So…that novel…it’s been sitting in my computer, fermenting like fine wine. In 2016 I’ll start editing it. When you write fast like the project demands, you are writing a first draft of your novel. It’s by no means ready to present to the public! I’ll go back over it, clean up the spelling, grammar and punctuation as well as make sure all questions in the story are answered by the time the reader gets to The End. The very first novel I wrote took me six weeks to complete. Did I think I could write this one in thirty days? Oh yeah. But to write it in seventeen days? Hey, high five! Even I didn’t think that was possible. I just might have to participate in that writing project again next year!


Temporary cover for Ghosts in My Soul