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When my boys were young, they were in 4-H then FFA in high school. While raising an animal for show then sale is not a requirement, the boys raised chickens, turkeys, hogs, lambs and steers. No rabbits, though we had two that were big and mean. And no goats…they weren’t ‘in style’ back then. But in the past decade, goats have gotten to be the in-thing. Most county fairs now have goat competition. While we have dogs and cats at home as pets (the boys’ families do as well) one of the boys and his family acquired several goats as pets for the little one. While the nanny and young female goat are cute, the pigmy runt they brought home this weekend is adorable!! That’s not saying I want one; I’ll visit theirs, thank you, but seeing the little one playing with that tiny goat is something that brings a smile to one’s face and a sigh for just how darn cute the whole thing is. So now we add goats to the list of pets; this will be a fun new and interesting experience. 🙂