Torn between Loves


I love to write. I love to create original art. I love sewing fabric together to make a quilt. However unless I manage time well, I seldom can do all three. I hate starting a story only to lay it aside. Therefore, since my first love is writing I won’t. That means some piece of art or the blocks that make a quilt top lay on my sewing table or art table and wait. Since my art table is directly across the room from this writing desk that means I see the unfinished work daily. GRRR! Right now one piece of art is completed, another only needs a few finishing touches and yet a third one waits—it’s so totally different from anything I’ve ever done I want to ‘clear the decks’ as they say in order to work on it without other obligations hanging over me. Starting today, I’ll work on art or quilting in the morning and return to writing and editing in the afternoons. I find that routine works best for me and allows me to, at least, touch two of my favorite activities in a day. Trying to do some of all of my loves in one day would probably drive me crazy so I reserve the right to do what I can.


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