Fleshing Out My Characters

Okay, so I’m preparing to create another pair of teen characters for a new novel I want to do in November. I’d forgotten how much I needed to know about those characters before I start writing. Imagine trying to describe a new friend to someone if you don’t know a lot about them yet. Same goes for writing a story about a girl and a guy if you don’t know them yet.

So, using all my good writers’ resources, I fleshed out their fears, first impressions of each other (not so good, let me tell you), their flaws (everyone has one or two or…well, you get the idea) and the theme of the novel. Wait, there’s more. What sorts of persons are they—a person who parties hard, a loner? What hobbies do they have, phobias, quirky little traits that either drive the other nuts or endears them to the other person? Who are the most important persons in my characters’ lives? Where’s their happy place to go to when the world comes closing in, and just what fine point will break them?

If you think these are just points to research for a character in a novel, apply them to yourself—these didn’t come out of thin air. These are character points about real people! You and me—we can answer these questions for ourselves!

As for the novel—now that I’ve got these tacked down, I can find a picture for the heroine and hero (I like visuals) then get ready, set, GO!

Oh, and meet Emma and Dylan.


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