Ever go to the grocery store these days? So many people! I live in a smaller community north of Houston and if you want to get in and out of the major grocery store there, you’d better do it before 5:00 in the evening. Otherwise, the entire community hits the store before going home. That quick trip in for dog food and milk turns into a major event!

All those folks seem to have a list. The younger folks appear to use their cell phone. Others like me have notebooks or a slip of paper. I’ve been a list maker since the time I entered junior high. I just made my grocery list for October 1 when we get paid. Will all those groceries last a month? Of course not. Almost immediately I’ll begin a new list—something I forgot to put on the original list. I’ll probably add to this October 1 list before I even get to the first of the month!

Lists are a good thing…an excellent way to stay organized. If you’re a list maker, think about the time you rushed out and forgot the list. Oh My God! Naturally, you had to return to the store the next day with the pared-down list of all the things you forgot.

I collect journals and keep one on my desk. In it I write down essential things for a month. Writing a To Do list per day is a waste. You never know what’s going to interrupt the day. But a list for a month is do-able.

Lists are a wonderful thing. Kudos to those of you who don’t need them—you’re obviously smarter and more organized than I am!


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