Traveling in 2015

To the Gulf Coast to a small town that’s the shrimp capital of Texas on a quiet bay. To New Orleans—haven’t been there since maybe the late 1980s. And a train trip through the desert SW, along the California coast, along the Canadian border then due south to New Orleans and home to Houston (well, Houston isn’t home—shudder! But that’s where the train stops closest to home). Oh and I’ll be traveling solo to Atlanta for a quilting retreat. As we travel I’ll take photos. I spent too many years as a yearbook sponsor in school not to have a camera in my hand. When we return I’ll share my adventures. Oh and toss in a possible family trip to the coast this summer. All the others belong to just Husband and myself. Sounds like an exciting year ahead. If the good Lord’s will and the creek don’t rise, we’ll git ‘er done.


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