Getting Ready for School

While the dog days of summer settle in, I notice school supplies stockpiled at Dollar Stores and Walmart while every store that sells clothes is loading up on back-to-school clothes and shoes.

In Texas a few weekends before school starts the state has a tax-free weekend when all things school related can be purchased without paying taxes on the items. In many cases parents shopping for a family of kids save big bucks. One thing you’ll also see from now until probably Labor Day is an offer in businesses like department stores, pharmacies and grocery stores to help a student by buying a prepared bag of school supplies, which the store will deliver to their city’s school district.

Two things I’d suggest: 1. If you don’t have to shop for anything school related, then stay home during tax-free weekend—August 8—10 this year. And 2. If you can help a student come to school with his or her supplies and “be like the other kids”, then please buy one of those prepared supply packs and donate it.

When the school crazies are over we have deer season with bags of corn and camo apparel to look forward to!


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