Progress in my Edit

Many of you are aware that I finished my Young Adult novel called Toots Gentry earlier this year. Needless to say I celebrated. Then I asked my beta readers for comments. Beta readers being those few who read unpublished work and help make the story better. Their comments are invaluable.

I submitted my novel to and they sent a contract, publishing date March 2015. I celebrated again but groaned. A whole year away!!

However my beta readers pointed out flaws that needed correcting. So while I’ve taken mom to the grocery store, doctor and optometrist, gone on a train strip, celebrated a grandson’s graduation from kindergarten and enjoyed ten weeks of watercolor class, I’ve been busy rewriting my novel. I decided to change the tense from third person—he said, she told, they ran–to first person. Most Young Adult novels are in first person—the hero or heroine talking to the reader. So my sentences now read as I said, my books, our trip. More upbeat sounding. But changing the tense takes lots of time and concentration. So while the edit is going slowly, the outcome will be so much better.

Keep in mind—the heroine is hard of hearing and now without hearing aids in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina while stranded with a family she doesn’t know. She lies about her name and goes by Toots Gentry—which just happens to be the title of my novel. 🙂


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