Father’s Day

According to research, Father’s Day was established to complement Mother’s Day. Oh my, such a lot of fuss to get fathers and fraternal bonds recognized! As early as 1910 a movement began in order to honor fathers in much the same tradition as mothers in May. Many feared the holiday, however, would be another excuse to line the pockets of merchants so the day was not officially recognized until 1966 when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed an official proclamation setting the holiday for the third Sunday in June. In 1972 President Nixon signed a bill to make the day a nationally recognized holiday. While Russia honors the day in February, Croatia in March, Germany in May and a handful of other countries celebrate throughout the year, most countries observe the holiday sometime in June, most on the third Sunday.

People seldom need an excuse to honor the father figure of their family but on this special day, nothing says I Love You like saying it face to face with that special man.


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